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Type Approval

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) is the regulatory authority established in the Republic of Botswana under the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012.

In accordance with Article 21 of the Act, BOCRA has powers to issue regulations concerning type approval.

The arrangements for type approval are set out formally in the BOCRA Regulations for Registration of Terminal Equipment and Radio Equipment for Type Approval. This guide explains the practical implementation of the procedures.

What equipment must be registered for type approval?

In general, all telecommunications terminal equipment and all radio equipment must be registered for type approval. BOCRA publishes a list of technical specifications and corresponding equipment types subject to registration. If an equipment type does not appear in the list or there is not an applicable technical specification then BOCRA will decide, on a case- by-case basis, whether an application for type approval may be made and what technical requirements will apply. BOCRA reserves the right to decline any application for registration.

Equipment that meets the technical specifications published by BOCRA and which has been registered with BOCRA is type approved for the purposes of the Act. A registration may specify conditions which must be complied with if the type approval is to apply.