The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) developed the National Cybersecurity Strategy in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders from the Private Sector, relevant Ministries, Regulator, and Academia.   The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) assisted in the development of the National Cyber Security Strategy with funding from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the Government of United Kingdom of Great Britain. In addition, the project team which developed National Cyber Security Strategy benefited from inputs and comments from the State Department of the United States of America (USA), through the technical consultant from MITRE and Carnegie Melon University.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy clarifies the roles of the various stakeholders and outlines various action plan to be carried out to ensure that the country is cybersecurity secure. The Strategy recommends the establishment of Computer Incidence Response Team (CIRT) as a matter of urgency due to rising and complexity of cybersecurity threats and attacks. To ensure a secure cyberspace for Botswana, MTC requested BOCRA to establish a Communications Sector CIRT (Herein referred to interchangeably as either COMM-CIRT or the CIRT) to ensure that the communication sector, both private and public, are secure.  The COMM-CIRT also acts as cybersecurity focal point. COMM-CIRT will assume National cybersecurity responsibilities in the interim, while awaiting the establishment of National CIRT (BWCIRT).

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