Media Center

The BOCRA Communications Strategy aims at creating a customer driven external and internal communications process. The communications process targets internal and external communications of BOCRA and includes traditional and non-traditional communication channels to ensure a holistic approach that is governed by a corporate communications mindset. The underlying objective is to proactively promote a positive image of the BOCRA and ensure that BOCRA fulfils its mandate to continuously improve the BOCRA by facilitating ongoing consultation and feedback.

The media centre is intended to advance the ideals of the Communications Strategy by offering a platform where the BOCRA will be able to interact with its target audience that include: BOCRA Board; Government (through line ministry); National Broadcasting Board; Telecommunications Service Providers; Telecommunications Service Consumers; Investors; International Telecommunications Organisations; Media and BOCRA Staff.

The Centre will be repository of information targeted at:

Promoting BOCRA (explaining how it works, celebrating its successes, making its services and decisions more accessible)

Educating the Public (raise awareness amongst the public about the BOCRA and  informing them about telecommunications and broadcasting services and educating them about their rights)

Conveying messages about telecommunications (influencing behaviour, promoting universally accessible communications technologies, and increasing telecommunications literacy in the population)

Peering with other regulators (fostering the exchange of staff, sharing of information and influencing decisions at regional and international communications arena)