Radio Spectrum Planning

In line with the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012 the BOCRA shall:

  • ensure the rational use of the radio frequency spectrum in Botswana by establishing and maintaining a national radio frequency
  • ensure that the needs of existing and new radio services are met;
  • monitor radio frequency occupancy;
  • make regulations and establish standards governing the use of frequency bands in accordance with international regulations;
  • prescribe the conditions and tariffs applicable in connection with the allocation of radio frequencies to the holders of telecommunication licence holders;
  • negotiate with other countries and with international organizations in connection with radio frequency spectrum management and matters related thereto;
  • establish the necessary technical standards in relation to the radio frequency spectrum;
  • allocate radio frequencies in a manner which will avoid harmful interference, particularly in relation to safety and anergic services; and
  • ensure that an appropriate amount of radio frequency spectrum is available for government as well as non-government use.