The CRA Act mandates BOCRA to regulate all broadcasting; subscription management services and re-broadcasting activities save for the state broadcasting. It is in this light that BOCRA regulates Yarona FM, Duma FM, Gabz FM and eBotswana

Commercial radio stations namely Yarona, Duma, Gabz FM are all available in most of major towns and villages in Botswana. The stations have extended access to their services through online broadcasting transmission which makes them accessible worldwide. 

eBotswana television station is currently available in Gaborone and surrounding villages within a 60km radius of Gaborone through terrestrial broadcasting. eBotswana will in future introduce a satellite broadcast service in order to achieve national coverage. 

Broadcasters are required to promote music tracks by local artists.  Broadcasters’ licences specify a certain percentage of local content to be complied with.

Click the link for National Broadcasting Board Audience Survey for the Broadcasting Sector in Botswana.