In order to ensure that the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority is offered the best value-for-money, it has a thorough tendering process.

Tendering Documents

Tender documents - usually called an Invitation to Tender (ITT) - will most likely contain the following sections:

  • Introduction - background information on the tender
  • Tender Conditions - the legal parameters surrounding the tender
  • Specification - the description of the supplies, service or works to be provided
  • Instructions for Tender Submission - instructions for the bidders
  • Qualitative Tender Response - qualitative questions to be answered by the bidder
  • Pricing and Delivery Schedule - quantitative questions to be answered  by the bidder
  • Form of Tender - declaration to be signed by the bidder
  • Certificate of Non-Collusion - declaration that the bidder has not  colluded with any other bidder on the tender
  • Draft of Proposed Contract - a draft of the contract which will be signed  by the successful bidder
    • Universal Access Service Fund
    • Consultancy Services for the Development of Cost Models and Pricing Framework for ICT Services to Enhance Competition among Operations in Botswana
    • Consultancy Services for a Market Study and the Development of a Licensing Framework for the Postal Sector in Botswana
    • Review of Type Approval Technical Standards & Procedures and Development of Broadcasting Technical Standards
    • Notice of Tenders

Tender Opening Results

Tender No: UASF/PT/001/2021.2022
Tender Title: Supply & Delivery for ICT Equipment for training of trainers for Ministry of Basic Education and Universal access service fund

Click link to view Tender Opening Results - ICT Equipment For Kweneng Primary Schools

Awarded Tenders

Tender Title Method of Procument Bidder Contract Amount Attachment
Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment for Trainers of Trainers for Ministry of Basic Education and Universal Access and Service Fund Open Domestic Bidding Empire Synergy (Pty) Ltd P430 526.70 Download
Ryder Investments (Pty) Ltd P231 339.06


Supply, Installation and Commissioning of ICT Equipment for 34 Government Senior Secondary Schools for Ministry of Basic Education and Universal Access and Service Fund Open Domestic Bidding Empire Synergy (Pty) Ltd P22 959 463.20 Download
Retention Range (Pty) Ltd P23 594 500.00
Ocean Orchard (Pty) Ltd P17 310 819.00
Empire Synergy (Pty) Ltd P22 336 088.40
Fortifyd Holdings (Pty) Ltd P20 164 730.40
Tebibyte Brute Solutions (Pty) Ltd P20 098 939.00
Circle Square Communications (Pty) Ltd P23 576 397.00
Com-Link (Pty) Ltd P11 317 514.07
Flake Giants Holdings (Pty) Ltd P19 043 449.20
Circle Square Communications (Pty) Ltd P25 084 845.00
Development of an Online Portal for Data Collection for BOCRA Open Domestic Bidding University of Botswana P1 995 000.00 Download