In order to ensure that the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority is offered the best value-for-money, it has a thorough tendering process.

Tendering Documents

Tender documents - usually called an Invitation to Tender (ITT) - will most likely contain the following sections:

  • Introduction - background information on the tender
  • Tender Conditions - the legal parameters surrounding the tender
  • Specification - the description of the supplies, service or works to be provided
  • Instructions for Tender Submission - instructions for the bidders
  • Qualitative Tender Response - qualitative questions to be answered by the bidder
  • Pricing and Delivery Schedule - quantitative questions to be answered  by the bidder
  • Form of Tender - declaration to be signed by the bidder
  • Certificate of Non-Collusion - declaration that the bidder has not  colluded with any other bidder on the tender
  • Draft of Proposed Contract - a draft of the contract which will be signed  by the successful bidder
    • Universal Access Service Fund
    • Consultancy Services for the Development of Cost Models and Pricing Framework for ICT Services to Enhance Competition among Operations in Botswana
    • Consultancy Services for a Market Study and the Development of a Licensing Framework for the Postal Sector in Botswana
    • Review of Type Approval Technical Standards & Procedures and Development of Broadcasting Technical Standards
    • Notice of Tenders


Tender No: UASF/PT/001/2021.2022
Tender Title: Supply & Delivery for ICT Equipment for training of trainers for Ministry of Basic Education and Universal access service fund

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