Communications Regulatory Authority Act (CRA)

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) is an independent communications regulatory authority established through the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012 (CRA) on 1 April 2013 with the mandate to regulate the communications sector in Botswana comprising Telecommunications, Internet and Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), Radio communications, Broadcasting, Postal services and related matters.

Electronic Records (Evidence) Act

BOCRA also has a mandate under the Electronic Records (Evidence) Act No 13 of 2014 that Act deals with the admissibility of electronic evidence in court, to establish an approved process for the production of electronic documents and also certify electronic records systems for purposes of integrity. 

Electronic Communications And Transactions Act, 2014

The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2014 mandates BOCRA to carry out accreditation of the secure digital signature service providers and administration of the take down notices. The Act facilitates e-commerce and gives electronic signatures the legal equivalence of hand written signatures before the courts of law.

Universal Access And Service Notarial Deed Of Trust

BOCRA has also entered into a memorandum of agreement with the Universal Access and Service Fund, where in the UASF has BOCRA as the Manager of the Fund to provide investment and management services to the UASF.