Type Approval

BOCRA is mandated by Sec 84 of the CRA Act to Type Approve communications equipment that may be connected, used or operated to provide broadcasting or telecommunications services in Botswana.  In addition, BOCRA is mandated to ensure consumer protection.

The purpose of Type Approval procedure is to ensure that all radio communication and telecommunication equipment used in Botswana comply with international standards that are applicable in Botswana as a member of the ITU Region 1.  Type approval of equipment is also intended to ensure that no substandard equipment which may represent health and safety hazards to consumers are used in Botswana.

In addition, Type Approval serves to protect consumers from products that are not compatible with the local telecommunications network, and ensures that the operating frequency of all radio communication equipment is in conformity with the Botswana frequency spectrum allocation plan to avoid causing harmful interference to essential services.

BOCRA Type Approved equipment is provided.