Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) is the regulator of the Botswana communications sector, with responsibilities over telecommunications, broadcasting, postal and radio communication services. Technology is fast changing every aspect of our economy and telecommunications regulation is fast changing to keep pace with all these changes in the industry. This is an exciting time to be at the heart of this fast-moving sector. You can be part of it. Come and find out more about working for BOCRA and our current opportunities.


BOCRA is an organisation in which talented people work together, thrive and develop. We are committed to investing and supporting our Colleagues.

What We Can Offer You

We believe that the reward package at BOCRA is based on much more than just salary. Our aim is to empower colleagues to undertake interesting and important work and we are committed to investing and supporting people to achieve their full potential.

Professional Development

At BOCRA, people are our greatest asset, so developing our people is a fundamental part of our ethos.We take professional development very seriously,and encourage colleagues to seek continuous development to improve their performance in role.We also provide a variety of opportunities for colleagues to meet those needs, including:

  • a comprehensive set of internal training courses;
  • investment to attend appropriate external courses;
  • sponsorships for professional or academic qualifications; and
  • memberships of professional bodies.

We believe that our colleagues are best-placed to choose the benefits that are of most value to them, so we have designed a flexible benefits package to suit individual needs. The range of benefits that can be chosen reflects the flexible environment we aim to create.


Our standard benefits include:

  • Pension allowance
  • 25 days holiday
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Life Assurance

You can also choose from a wider range of flexible benefits, including the option to purchase additional annual leave, travel insurance, private medical cover for your family... and much more.

Our Offices

Botswana Communications  Regulatory Authority
Plot No. 50671, Independence Avenue
P/Bag 00495
Tel: +267 395-7755
Fax: +267 396-7976

Graduate Trainee Scheme

In May 2008, the Botswana Communications  Regulatory Authority launched a Graduate Trainee Scheme; a programme that was designed to attract fresh graduates into the telecommunications regulation industry. Once recruited, graduates would undergo  "on-the-job" mentoring as well as intensive academic training necessary to bridge their passage to telecommunications regulation. Based on the success of the initial programme, the BOCRA management decided to continue the Graduate Training scheme on a " as-needed " basis through which fresh graduates are invited to join the telecommunications industry.

The Graduate Package

On top of the benefits that the BOCRA offers, the Graduate Trainees also receive an attractive allowance as well as a comprehensive graduate induction programme, where they:

  • learn about BOCRA role and responsibilities;
  • meet key people and spend time in different areas of the business;
  • develop sufficient understanding of legislative policies, processes and procedures;
  • explore the skills and behaviours needed for effective team working and making the transition from university to work; and
  • navigate BOCRA systems and premises.

Training for the BOCRA  Trainee Graduate will be ongoing throughout the scheme. They will receive a combination of carefully planned development throughout their rotations in subjects such as: market analysis, introduction to regulation; monitoring licensees for  compliance, public education etc. along with the training tailored to suit individual development needs.

As part of our commitment, Graduates Trainees will also have a mentor. This is an important part of the graduate scheme and your ongoing development. The mentoring scheme in BOCRA is a way of developing colleagues by allowing them to bounce ideas off more experienced people and creating greater alignment with the organisation values and ambitions. It encourages individuals to discuss issues, ideas and challenges on an equal footing.