Registering Complaints

Complaint Handling Procedures

BOCRA continues to monitor the quality of service provided by licensees. To this end, the BOCRA has developed Quality of Service Guidelines for operators with a view to improve and maintain service quality by identifying service deficiencies, specifying network service quality parameters, improving  operations, performance and networks. In the event that you are not satisfied with the service provided by your service provider, you may wish to lodge a complaint against the concerned service provider. You should approach your service provider first for assistance.

BOCRA will investigate a consumer complaint against a service provider if there is sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case on possible breaches of any provisions under the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012 or any conditions under the operators licence.

Customers are advised to obtain and familiarise themselves with complaints handling processes of the respective service providers.

The Complaint Handling Process

Step 1: Address The Complaint To The Service Provider

Consumers will first address their complaints to the appropriate service provider. Consumers should first explore and exhaust all possible channels of remedy available within the operator(s) before any reference to the BTA.

Step 2 : Ask The Service Provider For The Time It Will Take To Resolve The Complaint

Consumers should ask the operator(s) to state the period within which complaints will be resolved. Complaints to an operator will be resolved within the time frame as stipulated by the service provider. Any deviation should be accompanied by a written explanation to the complainant.

Step 3 : Keep Copies Of Correspondence Of The Complaint

It is important that complainants keep records of all correspondence between themselves and the operators. Where possible, complainants should request service providers to acknowledge receipt by stamping their copies of complaint letter.

Step 4 : Escalate Complaint To The Highest Level Within The Service Provider

If a complaint is not resolved in the first instance, the consumer should request for the complaint to be escalated to a higher level in line with the Operators Guidelines for Handling Complaints.

Step 5 : Escalate The Complaint To The BOCRA

Where the operator has not satisfactorily resolved a complaint, the consumer should refer that complaint to the BOCRA.

The Notification about the referred complaint shall include the following:

  • The names and addresses of the parties involved
  • A brief statement of facts on the complaint
  • Copies of any relevant supporting documents
  • The relief or remedy sought

Complaints may be brought to the BOCRA by post, hand delivery, email or fax to the following address:

The Chief Executive
Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority
Plot No. 206/207, Independence Avenue
Private Bag 00495
Tel: +267 395 7755
Fax: +267 395 7976