Consumer Education And Advice

The Botswana Communications  Regulatory Authority is empowered by the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012, to promote the interests of consumers, purchasers and other users of the telecommunication services in respect of price, quality and variety of, such services and equipment supplied for provision of the same. Liberalisation of the telecommunications market brought with it variety of telecommunications services that differ in price and quality. The growth of the telecommunications industry is rapid. New telecommunications service and technology emerge fast. Consumers need to obtain sufficient information about these services in order to make informed choices and get the best value for money, as their basic rights. Consumer Rights The Constitution of Botswana provides for rights, which are recognised as inalienable to every citizen of this country.

The BOCRA has also listed some rights which every consumer of telecommunications services is entitled to, irrespective of his or her status in life. It is therefore incumbent upon the consumer to demand these rights that include the following.

The Right To Be Informed

This right impels service providers to factually and comprehensively inform consumers about products or services devoid of falsehood, deceit, misleading information and advertisement. It is as such the responsibility of service providers to always give accurate, sufficient and relevant information to guide consumers in making rationale choices and informed decisions. It amounts to a breach of consumers' rights not to disclose all information pertaining to a product and service.

The Right To Choice

This has to do with assurance of access to a variety of products and services at competitive prices so that options of which product to buy and which not, will exist for the different segments of society.

The Right To Be Heard

This provides ample opportunities and channels of expressing grievances, opinions, lodging complaints, suggesting ways and means of improving service delivery to customers. Customer is always right and it is therefore incumbent upon all providers of telecommunications services to respect and uphold the right of the customer.

The Right To Safety

This is aimed at protecting consumers against marketing unwholesome, sub-standard, defective goods and services.

Should you feel that any of these rights have not been respected, you need to take it up with the service provider and ultimately the Communications Regulatory Authority.