The BOCRA investigates complaints on the facts provided by both parties (the Service provider and the complainant), and it will reach a resolution based on the telecommunications Act [CAP 72:03] and what we consider to be fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

The BOCRA handles complaints on an array of issues that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Billing
  • Failure to provide or repair  telecommunications equipment and Internet service
  • Interconnection problems
  • Delays in repairing and connecting service to customers
  • Fault repairs
  • Mobile phones problems
  • Internet access contracts

The BOCRA will need cooperation and assistance to ensure that the process is as effective and fast as possible. The Complainant should think about what the end results of the investigation should be whether, a formal apology, an explanation, financial compensation or simply ensuring that the problem never happens again from the service providers.

The complainant should think about their argument and weigh up the evidence on their side. If the complainant does not have enough information or evidence it might be difficult to achieve this results, and the complainant should be willing to compromise if need be.

The BOCRA will make an independent assessment of the complaint. The complaint will be attended to within two days of receipt of the letter, fax or email and for complex complaint that may take longer time to resolve the complainant will be kept informed about the progress.

Remember Before Complaining To The BOCRA

  • Try to resolve the problem directly with your service providers, speak to customers service manager or any senior representative of the company and written complaints are vital and please keep copies.
  • Get the full name(s), position of the customer service manager and make notes of key points discussed. Always record the time and date of the conversation.
  • Always have with you relevant papers such as contract, bills and correspondence document that you consider being your evidence, and do not send original documents to the unit of consumer affairs.

When you lodge a complaint with the BOCRA you will be required to provide some personal information that will be made available to the service provider. If you wish to remain anonymous or withhold personal information the BOCRA may not be able to assist you.

If you would like to complain to BOCRA write to:

The Chief Executive
Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority
Private Bag 00495