Documents & Legislation

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BOCRA Outsourcing Questionnaire Download File
BOCRA Guidelines for Panel of Law Firms and Outsourcing of Legal Matters Download File
Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority Guidelines on Electronic (E-Mail) Security Download File
Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority Website Application Security Guidelines Download File
National Numbering Plan and List of Numbering Resource Allocations and Assignments Download File
BW-CIRT Description for RFC 2350 Download File
Broadband Facts and figures December 2020 Download File
Campus Radio Licensing Framework (Draft) Download File
BOCRA Annual Report 2020 Download File
National Cybersecurity Strategy Download File
CONSULTATION PAPER - Introduction of the,, to the .bw namespace Download File
Regulatory Directive No 1 of 2017- Regulation of telecommunication/ICT wholesale and retail services Download File
Broadband Facts and Figures Download File
Corporate Social Investment Policy - Final Draft Download File
Botswana Numbering Plan and Allocations Download File
Advertising Code for Broadcasters December 2019 Download File
Information Communications Technologies Quality of Service and Quality of Experience Guidelines Download File
Campus Radio Discussion Paper Download File
Public Notice Campus Radio Broadcasters Download File