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The communications sector provides essential services required to enable the fight against Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.  The sector enables dissemination of critical public health information countrywide. The sector also provides online tools and platforms that enable continued, albeit restricted functioning of businesses as well as tracking of the extent and impact of the virus on the population and the economy. In line with this role, BOCRA supports Government public education efforts aimed at arresting the possible damage that the virus could inflict on the country. 

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Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) was established through the Communications Regulatory Authority Act, 2012 (CRA Act) on the 1st of April 2013 to regulate the communications sector in Botswana, comprising telecommunications, Internet and Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), radio communications, broadcasting, postal services and related matters.The CRA Act replaced the Broadcasting Act [Cap 72:04], the Telecommunications Act [Cap 72:03], and caused the amendment of the Postal Services Act to create a converged or an integrated regulatory authority for the communications industry. 

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Section 38(1) of the Communications and Regulatory Act No.19 of 2012(CRA) mandates Botswana Commu...


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) developed the National Cybersecurity Strategy...

Electronic Evidence

The Electronic Records (Evidence) Act No. 13 of 2014 allows for the admissibility and authenticat...

Electronic Communications Transactions

Under the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act the Authority has the responsibility of a...

The CRA Act mandates BOCRA to regulate all broadcasting; subscription management services and re-broadcasting activities save for the state broadcasting. It is in this light that BOCRA regulates Yarona FM, Duma FM, Gabz FM and eBotswana

Commercial radio stations namely Yarona, Duma, Gabz FM are all available in most of major towns and villages in Botswana. The stations have extended access to their services through online broadcasting transmission which makes them accessible worldwide. 

eBotswana television station is currently available in Gaborone and surrounding villages within a 60km radius of Gaborone through terrestrial broadcasting. eBotswana will in future introduce a satellite broadcast service in order to achieve national coverage. 

Broadcasters are required to promote music tracks by local artists.  Broadcasters’ licences specify a certain percentage of local content to be complied with.

Click the link for National Broadcasting Board Audience Survey for the Broadcasting Sector in Botswana.

The CRA Act, 2012 ushered in a new dawn of regulation for the postal sector as BOCRA assumed the mandate of supervising the provision of postal services in Botswana. The CRA Act prohibits any person to provide postal services without a valid licence issued by BOCRA. The Authority is also mandated to ensure that there is provision of safe, reliable, efficient and affordable postal services throughout Botswana. 

In line with this, the Authority has prepared the ground for regulation of postal services by putting in place regulatory instruments and tools that allows ease of market entry and supports innovation for the provision of varied postal service offerings. These regulatory instruments include among others, the Postal Sector Licensing Framework to guide the provision of postal services in the country and...

Type Approval

BOCRA is mandated by Sec 84 of the CRA Act to Type Approve communications equipment that may be c...

Radio Spectrum Planning

In line with the ...

The Numbering Plan

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) commissioned an independent study of the...

National Radio Frequency Plan

The basis for the Botswana Radio Frequency Band Plan is Section 47 of the Communications Regulato...

Apply For A License

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Equipment Approval Database

BOCRA is mandated by Sec 84 of the CRA Act to Type Approve communications equipment that may be connected, used or operated to provide broadcasting or telecommunications services in Botswana.  In addition, BOCRA is mandated to ensure consumer protection.The purpose of Type Approval procedure is to ensure that all radio communication and telecommunication equipment used in Botswana comply with international standards that are applicable in Botswana as a member of the ITU Region 1. ...

Complaints Process

BOCRA will investigate a consumer complaint against a service provider if there is sufficient evidence to establish. Prima facie case on possible breaches of any provisions under


BOCRA is mandated by Section 90 of the CRA Act to establish tariff principles to be applied in the setting of tariffs and other charges including price caps or other price controls, for different classes or categories of services or products and for different areas for the regulated sectors. 


In the discharge of its mandate, BOCRA, in consultation with various stakeholders periodically develops regulatory tools to establish minimum regulatory requirements and guide licensees, consumers and other stakeholders on regulatory expectations.